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Game Development

Our goal is to create fun games for everyone to enjoy.we design casual games with a broad appeal, which are easy to learn and challenging to master, allowing people to play for a moment, then move on with their day and pick up their game later.Check this out:Educational Kids Games

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Easy To Play

Easy to use

We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide. We embed social features in our games that enhance the player experience.

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We create your dream game

We also build on a unique and passionate company culture predicated on collaboration, humility and respect. We believe all of these elements in combination have made our games a great part of our players’ daily entertainment.

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What We Do?

We create original challenging games that combine intense sessions with long-term progress and rich social experience.

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Modern Game UI

We create modern game UI(User Interface) that attract the players and easy to handle.

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Modern Concept

We have lots of modern game concept that take you to the another world of game.

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Clean Code

We create clean code that make the game to run smoothly in system.

Have You Seen our Works?

This is our awesome android games in google play.

project 1

Water Basketball

Platform Android

Water Basketball is perfect for the player who love to play under water. Bounce ball under water and shoot to score more. Do practice in single mode and challenge your friends in multiplayer mode.

project 2

Brainflex Brain Trainer


Improve your brain effectively with Brainflex Brain Trainer Game. Create a personal workout plan for your brain and let your mind performance grow.

project 3

Educational Kid's Game

Date21st Mar 2015

This educational games are explicitly designed with educational purposes.

project 4

Cuba Jump: The Crossy Ladder

DateJuly 2015

Cuba Jump: The Crossy Ladder, is very addictive and endless game. The idea of character "Cuba" is very innovative, it comes from cube.

project 5

Kill The Rapist

Datecoming soon
No Link

Assassin shooter game.

project 6

Don't Touch The Black Dice


Don't Touch The Black Dice is a super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone. There are three dice in this game red, sky and black dice. Try to catch only red and sky dice and make a big score and be a rank 1 in leaderboard. .

  • project 1

    Water Basketball

    Android Game

  • project 2

    Brainflex Brain Trainer

    Android Game

  • project 3

    Educational Kid's Game

    Android Game

  • project 4

    Cuba Jumo: The Crossy Ladder

    Action Arcade Game

  • project 5

    Kill The Rapist

    Action Game

  • project 6

    Don't Touch The Black Dice

    Arcade Brain Challenging Game

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